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How clothing affects people?

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe

The situation is about the same with clothing

Clothing has become a special attribute of the wardrobe, which not only saves from the wind and cold, but also can influence the thinking and mood of its owner.

Each of us has a favorite clothing that we carefully store, despite the fact that it has long faded and worn, but the emotions and memories that arise every time you look at it are much more expensive than the appearance.

In addition to the favorite and "successful" clothes, there is one that, having dressed, the owner feels constrained and insecure. And the price here does not matter at all: whether it is a cheap wearing from the market or an exclusive clothes.

How costume affects emotions?

What can you say when you see a woman dressed in a strict business suit with minimal jewelry?

Of course, there are thoughts about the status and rank in the society of the owner of this wardrobe.

Let's switch roles and become a participant instead of an observer.

How will you feel if you change your tracksuit to an office suit? Perhaps your posture will become straighter and self-esteem will rise. 

Adam Galinsky's experiment

That fact formed the basis of an experiment by Adam Galinsky, during which a group of subjects were asked to wear white coats. Only one group was told that the gowns belonged to medical professionals, and the other to artists.

The first group became much more attentive, serious and focused, believing that this is how doctors should behave. The second, on the contrary, relaxed and plunged into creativity and reflection, imagining themselves as free artists.

The same experiment was conducted on the streets of the city: two people were asked to break traffic rules and cross the road in the wrong place.

One of them was dressed in a business suit, the other in ordinary casual clothes.

Almost 80% of people, looking at a presentable person began to violate the traffic rules! But they didn't follow the other person.

Color therapy in clothing

In addition to the style, fabric and seasonality of the item you choose, color plays an important role. We can talk about experiments conducted by psychologists from all over the world. But just remember your own feelings!

From time immemorial, white represented purity, beauty and innocence, red symbolized life, because it was associated with blood and blush on the face,

Many years ago white color was represented purity, beauty and innocence. Red color was symbolized life because it was associated with blood and blush on the face.

In the modern world not much has changed since that time. When a woman wearing the red dress she challenges the world, as if to say: "I am confident in myself!".

Yellow and orange shades create a cheerful mood, especially on gloomy days, associated with the sun and ripe southern fruits.

But if you are going to work hard today, it is better to choose calm pastel colors (beige, light brown) or muted dark colors (gray, Indigo, black).

However, we must say that it is important to note that it is not the color of your clothes that matters but the feeling it gives to you!