Handmade art with blacklight reactive glow effect, in other words, a fluorescent acid apparel

            The perfect unisex festival accessories. Party outfit, shining through the crowd, the future of colorful colors of the rainbow. Love and Joy!

            Art of Future Museum of Kind Art 

            All designs that you can see on our Lets Light Up Outfits are unique artwork, created by professional painters from around the world over the years. Artists carefully painted every detail on the picture and now you can observe their work on our modern Lets Light Up Outfits. Look at seal, you may notice animals, cats, flamingos, elephants, dogs, birds. Also decorations with beautiful natural flowers and splashes on Lets Light Up Outfits! Great addition in rave closet!

            Material always stays bright even after many washes,without ever fading,cracking or peeling. The material is polyester, super thin,elastic and cool,easy to wear, doesn't get too hot or too cold, breathable and great to wear all day. Stretchy fabric allows use Tee for Sports, Workout and other activities, can get it wet without any bad effects. Be free that your lovely Lets Light Up Outfits will be excellent and get many compliments every time!

            AOFMOKA Company was established in 2008, however, the idea appeared long before that. We started with basic night events in New York City, in Manhattan, people from all over the world came and participated in paint battle. The dance floor was wired from all sides with huge canvases and people poured paint all over them. There were painted splashes everywhere and until the sun came up we stayed in a colorful paradise.


            LETS LIGHT UP (4)

            Blacklight T-Shirt Glow in UV Fluorescent Cosmic Color


            Glowing T Shirt Glow in UV Fluorescent Cosmic White


            Neon Graphic T-Shirt Glow in UV Fluorescent Sugar Sayings


            Neon T-Shirt Glow in Ultraviolet Fluorescent Cosmic Black

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