How to be more noticed?

How to be more noticed? What people used to wear to be different and get the attention of other people? Let’s think about It.

Why do people often think about their clothes?

Opinion of others

People always want to amaze and impress others. For example boyfriend or girlfriend that someone wants to excite.

Feeling themselves

Beauty is a necessity. People want to look and feel good. When someone dresses in what they want they feel good.

Their personality

Stand out from the crowd by buying new things. The moment when you got new clothes and feel unique for a long time.

However, only about 200-250 years ago people were followed common concepts and dressed as required by society.

About 200-250 years ago for men it was recommended to dress simply but in a good taste. Classic but strict costume with the tie or butterfly around the neck.

No shiny jewelry or another indicator of a rich life. Every man should have a black new hat, the clean costume with the well-shined boots.

Women have similar requirements!

Yes, the rules of wearing clothing for men and women had common features.

Everything should be perfect, fashionable, and humble. A married woman could not wear clothes with bright colors, ribbons, and use the minimum jewelry. Elegant clothing is mandatory for evenings, and theatres.

Tall and overweight women should not have light and bright colors in their look only brown and black colors. Also, the decorations of dress should not be too bright or too dim.

Thin and petite women, on the contrary, should lean on light and bright colors. Dresses for dinner and evening must differ.

The hat fits everyone!

The hat always goes with the dress. It can be lighter or even have a different shade but the same color.

So, what people wear now?

Nowadays there is no generally accepted rule of wearing clothes. People wear only what they want and that’s awesome!

As you can see, no more limits! People are dying their hair, dressing up in colorful wear and they don't think about what others will say.

Look at how these two guys are dressed. Colorful clothes and confident look!

Increasing popularity

The popularity of Neon-clothing is growing more and more because it looks unusual and reminds clothes from the future.

If someone comes to a party in that clothes, everyone  pays attention to it.

Because it...

You can use the blacklight and your t-shirt will show you another side of itself.
it glows very brightly and attracts attention.

When someone looks at this paint he or she feels that it's unusual art unlike dull designs that everyone had seen many times.

Neon clothes is an example of how should clothes of creative person look like. This type of wearing make others think that you have a heuristic character.

After reading this blog, we can feel the difference between the past and present times. These days people can do whatever they want with their appearance unlike those who lived 200-250 years ago who were restricted by generally accepted rules of wearing clothes.